A mobile high-speed-milling CNC machine made from patented reinforced ultra-high-performance-concrete(UHPC). With three different models to suit the need from prototyping to production.

Risk-free with three-month minimum and then cancel anytime hassle-free! Starting at $900/month.


The reinforced ultra-high-performance-concrete(UHPC) is a patented new formula of concrete with amazing properties. It is lighter than cast iron and better in dampening. The casted machine frame is high-precision to the micrometer level, in addition, it is resistant to temperature change as well as chemicals.


Thanks to the superior damping and rigidity brought from UHPC, we manage to create an industrial-level CNC milling machine that's light and compact enough to be put on wheels. The size is specifically designed so that it can go through most doors and be put in an office setting.

Quiet and Fast

The motion system consists of high-performance servo motors as well as caged-roller linear rails, ensuring fast and quiet linear operations. The spindle is operating at a significantly quieter level comparing to tradition CNC machines. It is a machine designed for workspaces.

Precise and Accurate

Precision grounded ballscrew with linear error mapping and compensation plus advanced servo drives and a 2MHz pulse train means precise positioning with no backlash. The positioning accuracy could be as high as 0.0003in/ft.


With advanced control as well as precision sensors all over the machine, it can adjust feed rate and spindle RPM by itself in real-time to keep the tightest tolerances. With consent from users, machine status monitoring ensures predictive maintenance and minimize downtime.

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BumbleBeast was born of Hao Cao and Mike Muzio's frustration at using the tools in the Harvey Mudd College (HMC) machine shop - we just wanted one machine that could make functional parts with minimal hassle. We were then accepted into HMC INQ, the HMC startup incubator, in July 2017.

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